Civic Innovation for new institutions

8 de mayo de 2015

Yesterday, Pablo Pascale (Civic Innovation Project) presented “interactive citizens and new institutional models” at the #TrendSpain 2015 event organized by Google and held in Medialab –Prado (Madrid, Spain)

The event was coordinated by Antoni Gutierrez -Rubi and 4 main themes were discussed:

– Interactive citizens ( Monica Quintana and Pablo Pascale )

– Responsible Citizens (Jordi Cirera , and Reyes Montiel )

– Critical Citizens (John Moran and David Martinez)

– Proactive Citizens ( Mara Balestrini and Cesar Garcia Saez)

Pablo Pascale spoke about how much of the current traditional institutions are out of date regarding the progress that has been made by citizens and digital technologies . He proposed, therefore, the need to drive new institutional models, mainly in the field of government, such as government labs. That is, open spaces where public servants, citizens and experts can co-create solutions for the public sector. The Civic Innovation Project is working jointly with some Latin-American governments in launching government labs for this 2015.